You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate.

Forget about what you “should” do. What do you ”want” to do?

– Robin Sloan

Vision, Courage, and Determination will bring you where you wanna go, but without them it will be a miserable life.

– Massimo Vignelli, 10.01.1931 – 27.05.2014

Without knowledge of the past there is no understanding of the future and no foundation for the future.

– Massimo Vignelli, 10.01.1931 – 27.05.2014


– Richard Templar

You’ll come to appreciate that it can be better to help others reach the right outcomes themselves than do it yourself. That, of course, is what we call leadership.

– Cennydd

Anyone can complain about the world, but only a good few can fix it.


成功的真正標準並非你能力的高低, 而在於你能否明白什麼才能讓你擁有快樂而充實的生活